Therapeutic services offered Physiotherapy in Coventry

There are many centers of physiotherapy in Coventry. They may be known, but what they offer may have escaped many people. Here is a list and a detailed explanation on the physiotherapy services offered.

The therapies offered are;

· Physiotherapy

· Pilates

· Women’s therapy

· Sports Massage

· Acupuncture

ü Physiotherapy

This is a restoration process based on current clinical evidence. Physiotherapy in Coventry specializes on care for injuries, surgery and diseases. This is the general type of therapy that majors on recovery of the patient and is a rehabilitation of an injured body.

It may involve any of the following, advice and education, mobilization and manipulation, soft tissues techniques, sports massage, prescriptive exercise, tapping and strapping, electrotherapy and acupuncture.

ü Pilates

This is a process that educates the mind on the body. It trains a person to be aware of the normal functional movement of the body. The therapy offered here is individualized according to the patient and it aids in correct alignment and strengthening of the body.

ü Women’s Health

The woman’s body especially the urinary system is a matter of concern to many women. Many women are afraid or somehow in the dark concerning their body problems. Matters on the urinary system, vaginal pains on and after sex, or back pains related to pregnancy can be managed by therapy.

ü Sports Massage

Active sportspersons tend to have tensed muscles which hinder their performance. The massage is not hazardous as it can be done pre, inter or post competition. It is helpful in cases of injury recovery or prevention. Aids in muscle flexibility, and speeds up the recovery process.

ü Acupuncture

This therapy has its roots in Traditional China. It involves insertions of fine needles into the skin at very specific points. It can be used in mild and chronic conditions and increases patients’ tolerance to manipulative theory.